Søren Bitsch

30 års erfaring som art director, instruktør og kreativ direktør fra internationale reklamebureauer, blandt andet Young & Rubicam, Bergsøe 4, Grey og McCann Erickson, har givet en dyb indsigt i alle aspekter af kommunikation. Det er også blevet til mange år med egne bureauer. 15 år med Bitsch & Lundquist og de sidste fem år med Bitsch & Bitsch.

At arbejde med alle slags virksomheder, brands og mennesker, at producere og instruere film, skabe koncepter og kampagner for lokale og internationale firmaer, er et stort privilegium og en konstant fornøjelse, men vigtigst er måske den forretningsforståelse, der undervejs er blevet en naturlig del af pakken. For at kunne lave effektiv kommunikation er det vigtigt at kunne forstå den forretning, der skal kommunikeres.

Gennem de sidste 15 år har jeg også haft fornøjelsen af at bruge min erfaring på undervisning af kreative talenter på DMJX København. Det er ikke bare noget, eleverne forhåbentlig får noget ud af, men bestemt også en kæmpe inspiration for mig.

Hvis du vælger at arbejde med Bitsch & Bitsch, kan du forvente, at komplekse problemstillinger vil blive konverteret til enkel, intelligent og effektiv kommunikation, altid med et højt kreativt niveau.


Thirty years of experience as Art Director, Film Director, and Creative Director has given me deep insights into all aspects of communications.

Working with all sorts of companies, brands, and people, producing and directing films, creating concepts and campaigns for domestic and international companies is what excites me.

Teaching creative talents at DMJX Copenhagen over the past 15 years, helps me stay ahead in an evolving industry and has always been tremendously inspirational for me.

I excel in taking complex problems and make communication plain, simple, and intelligent. 

International and domestic Awards: 

Eurobest, Epica, Guldkornet, Aurora


Professional experience


Creative Director, Director – Bitsch & Bitsch Copenhagen

Network-based advertising agency, working closely with clients on Director level and primarily with companies internal communications department.

Developing communication platforms based on companies’ DNA. Working closely with innovation groups and digging into the heart of companies, value propositions, and products with the result of redefining and brand and market strategies. 

Key clients: 

Lemvigh-Müller: Developed a new communication platform in close cooperation with LM’s CMO. The platform has become an essential part of LM’s strategy and a leading guide for the company in all branding and marketing aspects.

BioMar: Global branding working across 60 countries.

Lejre Kommune: 47 little villages being joined together in one municipality demands a strong strategy with a unified purpose. In close cooperation with Lejre Kommune, we developed an approach that defines every aspect of the municipality. Amongst other things, we communicated the new purpose and brand for the citizens in a big beautiful book, that now came out in its third edition.



Creative Director – Fireball, Copenhagen

Bitsch + Lundquist merged with Fireball.

 Responsible for the creative teams and development of the creative department and product. 

 Key clients:

 Toms: Ga-Jol, Pingvin, Nellie Dellies, Alka Insurance, Copenhagen Designer Outlet, Eksport Kredit Fonden, Nordea Fonden, Quaker, Tetris Contractors



Creative Director – Bitsch & Lundquist, Copenhagen

Advertising agency. Bitsch+Lundquist with Tom Lundquist in 2000. Responsible for creative teams, clients, and overall agency management.

Key clients:

Alka Insurance: An extensive market analysis looking into the insurance sector provided many insights to redefine Alka’s business model. A completely new concept and rebranding project were executed — changing the logo, overall design, and communications platform. These efforts, combined with new business processes at Alka, transformed their business and have made them the fastest growing insurance company in Denmark for the last six years in a row.

Eksport Kredit fonden: Campaign to increase awareness of EKF’s small business offering. With no real market perception.

Pfitzer: Viagras sales were rapidly decreasing. We surveyed men between 40-60 and found out that it was a taboo for couples to talk about the problem. The campaign” Everybody deserves a good sex life” was identified and executed and eventually resulted in a 14% growth in a worldwide dropping market. The campaign later became’ Best practice’ i Pfitzer globally. 

Award: ‘ The best medical campaign’ that year.



Creative Director and member of the board – McCann, Copenhagen

 McCann Erickson was the most prominent advertising company in the world. They had been operational in Denmark for many years but never made any profit. I was hired together with a Copywriter from Young & Rubicam to help change that.

Already after the first year, McCann became profitable, and we became one of the most creative winning agencies in Denmark within 5 years in a row. It is also the place where I won most International prices. 

I worked with many international clients in McCann and had the pleasure of travelling to and executing communications programs for many different cultures.

Responsible for the creative teams and development of the creative department. Member of the Board of Directors. 

Key clients:

Nescafé: Creating all Scandinavian communications deliverables for several of their products: Nespresso, Gold, Red, Cappuccino. 

Danica Pension: Developed and implemented all their communications (Ads, commercials, and likes) Achieved’ Ad of the year’ by Creative Circle. 

Lätta: Swedish spread for bread. We developed a new platform that resulted in multiple industry awards all over the world. 

Opel: Had the overall creative responsibility for their campaigns. Introduction of new car models. 


Art Director – Young & Rubicam, Copenhagen

Y&R was the most successful agency in a decade starting around the beginning of the nineties. As an Art Director, I worked with all our clients. Y&R is where I gained significant international experience.

Key clients:

Filmnet: Developing global campaigns. In Italy, we made the most popular commercial for one year in a row. The film starred former soccer player Jean Luca Vialli.

TDC: Teledanmark planned to get listed on the stock market and changed its name to TDC. I was involved in several parts of the rebranding and communications process.

It was also at the time when mobile phones took off and securing TDC’s #1 position on the Danish Telemarket was vital.


Art Director – Bergsøe, Copenhagen

Bergsøe 4 was a very strategic oriented agency focused on projects and campaigns for pharmaceutical companies. 

Key Clients:

AstraZeneca:” Knowledge heals better.”